Essential Cake Pop Equipment – My Freezer???

One piece of essential equipment I have discovered in cake pop recipes and making cake pops is my freezer.

How is that I hear you ask? Well there are a couple of ways actually!

Having a variety of flavors for your cake pops

I think that 48 cake pops at once is quite a lot, especially when you have to dip and decorate them all – which can take forever! Plus if your household is anything like mine, everybody has a different favorite cake flavor that they prefer.

I love the basic vanilla cake, my husband is obsessed with chocolate cake and my step-children can’t get enough of red velvet. So I have taken to freezing cake crumbs from different cakes as I bake them so that I can do a few of each with each batch of pops.

Each time I bake a cake, I break it down into crumbs, weigh them and then split the one cake out into a number of batches. Into fours works well (so you have enough to make 12 pops from each batch) or sixes (at 8 pops per batch). I pop the crumbs in separate zip-lock bags and pop them in the freezer.

When it’s time to defrost them, I just leave a couple of bags out for an hour or two, kneading them occasionally and pretty soon they’re ready for the frosting and rolling. Then I can decorate (taking care to remember which ones are which, either by the sprinkles or candy coating colors) and hey presto! Everyone’s catered for and remarkably impressed!

But wait…. there’s more…

Freezing Decorated Cake Pops

As we know, your finished cake pops can last quite happily without being refrigerated for a week or so… but what if you got a little over-excited and made 48 gorgeous pops and have to fit into your skinny jeans at the weekend. One or two won’t hurt but 48 might just tip the balance! Yes – as you correctly suspect, I am speaking from direct personal experience top tips general chat

top tips general chat So long as you haven’t used edible ink pens on the candy coating shell, you can freeze them! I put my extra pops in my trusty freezer by laying the pops down gently in a tupperware after they had dried post-dipping. Like this:

Later when I took a few out, they defrosted for a while (only about 20 minutes) when they’re ready to eat and then, around about the time my husband and the kids got home, they miraculously disappeared!

A word of warning though. If your cake pops are candy coated without sprinkles (i.e. just the shell) and you bring them out of the freezer straight into a warm room, they may “sweat” i.e. form a layer of moisture on the outside of the candy coating, like this:

top tips general chat

If this happens, don’t panic. You can dab your pop with a piece of paper towel to get rid of the excess moisture. If you are planning to use any edible ink to decorate your pop, wait until after it has dried to draw onto it or else it will run all over the place with the condensation.

See you later with more top tips!

CP xxx

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