Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Cake Pops!

This is a re-post from last year to make Jack-o-lantern pumpkin cake pops for Halloween!  The jack-o-lanterns are from Bakerella’s amazing book: Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More Than 40 Irresistible Mini Treatshalloween cake pops holiday cake pops

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Halloween Jack-o-lanterns / Pumpkins

What you need:

  • Cake balls ready to dip
  • Orange candy melts (with a dollop of vegetable shortening)
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Green tictacs
  • Black icing writer or Edible ink pen

Step 1:  Prepare your pops

I followed the Basic Cake Pop Recipe using Duncan Hines Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake Mix and some Albertsons Sugar-Free Chocolate Frosting.  When using Duncan Hines cake mixes, I have found that the cakes remain very moist once baked which I love.  I only had to use a tablespoon or so of the frosting (this also means the cake pop doesn’t taste overly-sweet if you prefer it that way).

I rolled the cake balls, chilled them overnight, then fixed the lollipop sticks with some melted orange candy melts.  I used Wilton Candy Melts this time, which worked in much the same way as the Merckens brand I had used before.

Step 2: Dipping + topping

Melt down your orange candy melts and add some vegetable shortening (I use about a tablespoon) to make sure the dip is as smooth as possible and the candy melts shells are less likely to crack.

Dip your pop in a straight up and down motion, make sure it is fully submerged in the candy melt coating.  Try not to move the pop around too much in the candy melt or else it is more likely to dislodge the cake ball from the lollipop stick.  If the bottom of the pop close to the stick needs a little more coverage, gently rock the pop from side to side until all the cake is covered.  Then remove the pop straight up in one swift motion.  It is best to leave the cake pop in the candy melts for as short a time as possible to avoid it slipping off the stick.

Tilt the pop upwards once removed from the melts and twirl it to allow the excess candy melt to drip off.  Then place it upright to dry – on a styrofoam box or cake pop stand if you have one.

Then, before the coating hardens, pop a little green tictac upright on the top of your cake pop to look like the stalk of the pumpkin.

Set the pops to one side to dry.

halloween cake pops holiday cake pops

Don’t worry if the covered pop is a bit lumpy or doesn’t look super-smooth.  This design is a great one for beginners because real pumpkins are a little bit lumpy and misshapen, so the less perfect the finish, the more authentic your pumpkins will look!

Step 3:  Making faces!

halloween cake pops holiday cake pops Once the pops have dried, get a black icing writer (or edible ink pen if you prefer) and get creative with your jack-o-lantern faces.  I find it best to start off with simple faces and see what you think looks best.  We tried a range of expressions.. and here are some our favorites!

halloween cake pops holiday cake pops

halloween cake pops holiday cake pops   halloween cake pops holiday cake pops   halloween cake pops holiday cake pops

I displayed these cake pops on a cardboard box that I had stuffed with styrofoam and wrapped in Halloween gift wrap.

 Check out all our ideas for Halloween cake pops at this link.

Happy Halloween!

CP xx

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