News Update – Christmas Candy Melt Flavors and other bits!

product reviews christmas cake pops I found some new flavor Candy Melts from Wilton especially for Christmas, so I thought I’d try them out!

These are Candy Melt flavor – so I tested pairing them with Vanilla  cake and Red Velvet cake.  I was really impressed!  They smell divine – not too sharp a flavor, but a yummy soft mint taste that didn’t over-power.  The red velvet cake was a great match, complementing the colors too!

You can get them at – just follow the picture link – and they are also available at Michaels stores.

** Quick Tip! I would not recommend adding shortening to thin out the consistency of these Candy Cane melts – the red flakes keep the consistency thick regardless, and the melts covered the pops well without the need to thin it out **

Although I haven’t tried them yet – Wilton also make an Egg Nog flavor Candy Melt – also at Michaels (but not on Amazon).

In other news, I have even started to see much more cake pop equipment and melts at regular supermarkets, so check out your local baking section!

Also, as I need a lot of candy melts whilst preparing for a Christmas Holiday Boutique at my friend’s house, I tried using white Almond Bark from my local supermarket.  I was really impressed.  The consistency was great and the packet contained double the standard Candy Melt amount for not much more money.

For those, like me, who had never heard of Almond Bark, it doesn’t taste of Almonds or anything – it is just like chocolate without using cocoa butter (so you can re-melt it).  My supermarket (Albertsons) sold it in rectangular tray packets, near the bakery section, each tray containing about 10-12 little bricks.  It came in white and chocolate flavors too. I will definitely be stocking up for the future!

That’s it for now…. New Christmas cake pops coming soon – so keep your eyes peeled!

Happy Holidays!

CP xx



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2 Responses to News Update – Christmas Candy Melt Flavors and other bits!

  1. Kelly says:

    I have used almond bark in the past but it is thick. Did you add shortening to it and if so how much do you add?
    Thank you

  2. CP says:

    Hi Kelly – thanks for your post! I did use a little bit of shortening, but actually less than I usually use with candy melts. I melted the shortening and almond bark separately then mix the liquid shortening into the candy melts – this helps prevent lumps of unmelted shortening. For a whole packet of almond bark I only used about 1 tablespoon of shortening. Hope this helps!

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