Wrapping cake pops!

Usually when you see cake pops in a bakery, they are in cute little wrappers.  I thought I would try this out, as it helps keep the pop fresh and can be a nicer way to present your pop.

Here are some examples:

For a wedding shower…..

top tips product reviews  For 4th July…..

top tips product reviews

I used Treat Bags 12″ Cone 20/Pkg-Cleartop tips product reviews .

I then found matching or complementary ribbon.  I usually get these from Michaels.

When your pop has properly dried, and it is still standing in the styrofoam block or cake pop stand, slide a wrapper over the top.  Then cut a length of ribbon.  I usually allow 12 inches so I have room to tie the bow and trim the ends.

Lie your pop down gently on its side, then tie a knot under the pop, over the wrapper.  Tie your bow, and trim the ends so the ribbon doesn’t fray.  You can also used gift wrap ribbon, and curl the ends.

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2 Responses to Wrapping cake pops!

  1. Linda Poworski says:

    I just made 100 cake pops for my daughters shower 3 days away. I had to start early because a: I needed extra time to order a dainty tray if they didnt turn out and b: primarily due to everything else going on in the next few days. They are now coated and decorated as of last night. I let them airdry overnight and think they look wonderful. Can I put the plastic bags on now for a couple days. I was going to put them in my spare bedroom until the shower. Should I be worried about them softening or any other problems in the plastic for a couple days. Thanks!!

  2. CP says:

    Hi Linda, Apologies for such a late reply. Just in case anyone else has this question, dipped cake pops do tend to soften over time, particularly in warmer climates like LA where I am based. Covering them does speed this process up somewhat, so I would wait till the last minute to wrap your pops. The shell does stay harder in the fridge but then you can get the “sweating” problem, which can mess with the beautiful decoration work you’ve already done. Therefore the best case scenario is to keep the pops in a cool, dry place, without wrappers, then wrap them shortly before they are needed.

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